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​There’s no “U” in Christmas

Streets are lightened with a warm, red and white hue, shops are packed with people with their loved ones, that’s when you know Christmas has arrived.
How strange when people from all around the world, Christian or atheist, celebrate the birth of Christ. Two sides of different and often conflicting beliefs join together to sit under the same roof and share the same meal with gifts and love. But then, there’s us, or should I say there’s “U” and “I”, not sharing the same festive mood anymore.

Christmas has not been the same since you came and will never be the same since you left. I can’t even remember the shape of Santa’s sleigh that time when we were messing around in the mall, I can only recall how the Christmas lightbulbs painted a vibrant background for our shadows, how the Christmas tree seem so gigantic, covering us while I taste your cherry red lip gloss, how angry the mall Santa was when you ripped his beard off, and, your eyes. Your deep brown eyes, there is no Christmas in your eyes, only mine, reflecting creating an endless loop of us staring at each other. At that moment I knew, Christmas is not just the birth of Christ, it is also us, creating the most beautiful yet tragic art piece of humankind, love. But things change, an art piece will lose its colors and we lose each other.

I got caught up with work and studies, you got abandoned and disappointed, I’ve grown bored of constantsorrying and I guess you’re also tired of listening. There’s no “U” in Christmas and there’s certainly no “Us”, only I, dragging my lone corpse through the cold,the red and white ambiance of the giving season because the Grinch has taken you away from my arms. Guess I’m on Santa’s naughty list for letting you down.

Our departure was a sad one, yes, but it also teach us a lot, it teaches me to care, to not only pick you up from the ground when life strikes you but also to sit down and hold you through it, to embrace you every time I return home from the dreaded storm of society, and teach me to see you as you are, flawed and perfect at the same time, a scribble painting of a child, though messy but you still love it nonetheless.

But hey, it’s Christmas, the time to be with your loved ones to open gifts, decorate the Christmas tree, open the gifts,and so on. So, may I hope you have a wonderful and cheering holiday, may I hope whoever chest your head rests on is on the good list, good tidings I’ll bring, for you and your kin, I wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year.

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